Products sent are 100% verified to guarantee his perfect operation.




We have huge experience in the field. We have been devoted more than 20 to the world of the wiring.




We have a big variety of machinery which makes us able to suit to all type of needs.




Technical office devoted to advice and guide our customers in order to find the best solutions.


We are specialists in the manufacture of electrical installations for bus, mini-buses, machines of construction (dumpers, mixers, etc.), rubbish trucks and all type of customized vehicles.

White Line

In our installations we assemble a high number of washing machines, dryer, press, ovens, packer, dishwasher and all classes of industrial appliances


We have big experience in the manufacture of installations for the toy sector. Our products always guarantee the fulfillment of the corresponding regulations.


We know the sector of the automobile industry. Our wirings are part of mirror, seats, tabliers and other elements that configure a vehicle.


We manufacture installations for the motorbike sector. We guarantee the correct functioning of our pieces by means of boards proof of verification.


Our wired give light to a big diversity of plates, strips and focus led

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MEC is a familiar company founded in 1997. During all these years we have stand up as a referent in the industrial cable sector. We have a dilated experience in the manufacture, design and development of all types of electrical wiring. We work with our customers and suppliers to offer the best solutions to the needs that pose us.

We understand diversity like a fortress and therefore we produce for wide areas: automotion, bodywork, toy stores, white line, brown line, rails and others. We have the best human team and the latest machinery generation to guarantee the quality in all our products and the entire satisfaction of our customers.

Company Presentation

Mission and Vision


MEC´s goal is to facilitate to all our customers a product in unison to his needs and allowing them speed up with his productive proceding. All this providing the maximum quality, security and respect for the environment.


MEC´s perspective is to consolidate as a leader national and international company. Contribute to the development and growth of his customers, suppliers and employees.